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For many years I have carried out l' activity of publicist on ' The Cinescopio' , one of the reviews more notes of the field television radius.

Today it is not more present on the market but, it is possible to visualize or to download my articles till 2005.

It's possible that are errors or images lacking (outlines electrical workers the TVC) in the pdf rows.

From year 2000 to 2005 I have cured the section ' instrumentation electronic of measurement' always in the pages de ' The Cinescopio'.

The banns are here on the electronic instruments of measurement mainly employed in any laboratory Radius TV let alone they and of planning experiments.

From the converter to double ramp, the Converter tension/frequency; from the Electric power meter to the converter to successive approximations… and many others.

The interested readers can however it makes only tames some me on my articles (on apparatuses from me dealt).

If also I do not carry out more from some years l' activity of technician in Color television, I remain however available (in the limits of my free time and my engagements) for the fans and/or the centers attendance that had to be found in difficulty in the search out of order of apparatuses of my acquaintance.

      my contact  flavio.c@flaviocriseo.it

Pubblication Year 2003

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Gennaio  Un TVC "Monitorizzato"  Hitachi CP2851TA (Ia Parte)
Febbraio  Un TVC "Monitorizzato" Hitachi CP2851TA (IIa Parte)
Febbraio Controllare un segnale infrarosso
Marzo  Un Phonola dallo "Zoccolo duro" chassis G110
Aprile   Nessun Controllo, "Teletext KO" Phonola 59KE3702-08M
Maggio Thomson  "un telaio complesso" chassis  ICC17 (Ia Parte)
Giugno Thomson "un telaio complesso" chassis ICC17 (IIa Parte)
Giugno    La Distorsione d'Incrocio (Ia Parte)
Lugl/Agos Thomson "un telaio complesso" chassis ICC17 (IIIa Parte)
Lugl/Agos La Distorsione d'Incrocio (IIa Parte)
Settembre Un problema "tira l'altro" Pioneer SD25
Ottobre  Step Down ad alta commutazione Chassis Z8 Panasonic (Ia parte)
Ottobre       Il convertitore Tensione/Frequenza
Novembre Il convertitore a Doppia Rampa

Novembre Step Down ad alta commutazione Chassis Z8 Panasonic (IIa parte)

Dicembre  Uno Chassis con la "bobina in fiamme"Akai Digital Screen chassis  B-E2

Dicembre Il convertitore ad approssimazioni successive (Ia parte)

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