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      Crepuscolar Switch
      Digital Stopwatch

      digital Counter

      Audio System
     Tubes Amplifier

     Audio Power

     mono Circuit
      Stereo Circuit
      Domotic System
Light Game Digital System programmable for Christmas Tree Model LG1060x10

Connect light output (Load) 12Vac or 24Vac or 230Vac 50/60Hz

The internal power supply is indipendent of the load and from the Voltage used for the lights connected

coming soon available video demonstrative on the possible games and the operation modality

Equipped of 10 independent escapes and optocouple, model LG1060X10 allows the load till 1000Watt for channel.

It' s possible to obtain 60 game between fading and on-off.

Some examples of the possible game: sequenzial light, alternated behind, ahead/behind alternated, ' super-car' effect, fading ahead, fading to I accumulate, flash uneven, flash equal, random flash, growing/diminishing, wander in ahead, wander behind…. and many others.

The possibility of programming through three keys, allows to set up: the game, the time of the luminous game, to operate the reset, to change game during the operation, memory the game in permanent way.

To use of inner a programmabile controller, allows to command 10 escapes.

Using to plastic enclosure visible in photo (IP55) it is possible to use the Light Game in outdoor.

It' s possible using one different plastic enclosure according to the requirements and local of use.

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