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Since few years ago some projects related to digital control on illumination intensity of lamps has been developed. The project concerned system for both low voltage analogical lamp (with transformer) or lamp directly plugged to household supply (230Vac)

Low Energy Consumption (halogen) and classic (filament) bulb can be controlled (managed).

The models here presented, respect to others models commercially available, don’t need building revision of existing  lighting plant (just on particular and exceptional cases)

It doesn’t require any creation of new chases on wall or new conduits on the floor or any other house’s interior work.

All the devices developed underwent a downscaling process. During a 2 years test pathway, where several trials and adjustments had been carried out, the devices were reduced on sizes and they can now be directly inserted on the lighting plant, simply changing the already existing switch.

Installation doesn’t require any upgrading of existing plant cables.


The use of digital sensor brings several advantages and comforts, otherwise not available:

1st) absence of elcectromechanical tuning part (like light intensity control knob). This avoid that during the device life there will be anomalies due to dust, fouling or component oxidation that will affect the device functioning.

2nd) Without mechanical control knob the light intensity can be regulated from each self-contained ‘light station’ independently.

3rd) absence of electromechanical switches. There isn’t any shining during the switching on and off, that is always present in others switches available on market.

4th) A radio control configuration is available for each model, independently from the scenarios previously set up.

Some models have been explicitly developed to operate on severe environmental condition (like high humidity: on bathroom, steam bath or sauna). In this cases, differently from other models, is possible to set up a light tuning based on pre-set ‘steps’, creating four different ambient light intensity condition.


Detail of circuit control unit ‘compact control’ for touch dimmer light system


8-bit radio decoding prototype


Dimmer ‘touch stepper’ 3D Rendering


Prototype assembling phase (four channel radio controller circuit control unit)


Four channel remote circuit control unit for Touch Dimmer. It allows the control of ‘Touch stepper’ and ‘Touch continue control’ models lines.

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