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Project By  Flaviocriseo.it
It's possible to connect till 6 sources different and to select through dedicated remote control (radius) or the source that the control tones let alone the levels generates them.


This high power 5+1 audio system is composed from two flx40207 models connected to full-bridge. Every channel can make to develop a power to 130W (load from 8Ω)


Characteristic impedance input to 47KΩ (section of power)

Pass Band in the power section of >20KHz.

Thanks taken care of chosen of the members and to the adjustments in phase they experiments, has excellent phase answer.

With a FS=110 to 1KHz for power to 75%, the power section dearly lend to the management and control of diffusers 'soft' or however not easy to control.


The control section/marks them audio 5+1 introduces a passive control tones from 12dB and impedance income of 47KHz with pass-band > 30KHz.



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