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    Project By  Flaviocriseo.it


To use a crepuscolar switch that functions in alternating current or continuous current, allow of being able to use load any independently; without having itself to occupy to On or to Off to load.


To crepuscolar switch, they allow the connection of or more loading at the same time in alternating current or continuous current (according to the model).

The dimensions, extremely reduced, allow some l' employment in narrow and compact places.

It' s possible to use cabinet to water resistant, in some cases, it is possible to connect the device in complete immersion.

Relative general prototype to the model to window with fixed interval hysteresis.


Possible cabinet used in the model to fixed window or to adjustable window (hysteresis).

Isolation to load through electrical relé or optocoupler.


Model to double level of independent hysteresis

It allows to set up of On and Off of the load being moved the ends of the width of the hysteresis window

driver to load commnad & control section

Used photo-sensitive detail to sensor in the model to double threshold

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